15 May 2008

We posted some lyrics a little while back, and we've gotten requests for some others, so here's a bunch (that sounds weird, but "a bunch" is singular, so I guess it's right) of HP lyrics. Let us know if you would like any others...


Things got pretty dark there
And it looked like we were stuck
It's hard out in the desert
When you're just a little duck
So we built ourselves a raft and
We took it to the moon
'Though things got kind of rocky
On those lunar afternoons

Then oh no
The waves are crashin' harder
'Gainst our tiny boat that's drownin' in the water
Heard the captain say he hopes it will get better
We should not be sailing in such stormy weather

The martians had a picnic
And they sent a telegram
I think they meant to call me "sir"
But instead they called me "ma'am"
And most nights I stay in now
And I stare up at the stars
Oh how I miss the lost canals
On that distant planet Mars

But hey hey
The water's flowin' faster
From my mother's fountain that my father made her
And all day I've been workin' on this letter
I've been tryin' and tryin' to say what I am after


It's been going on more than a week now
I can't sleep I cannot sleep
Cyclical thoughts
Can't seem to shut them off

I have tried to find a Universal Truth
But the Truth is: I'm much less than insignificant
I'm a pinprick on a pinprick on a pinprick of Time and Space
It takes a lot of guts to be a little baby in this place

If I could travel faster than the Speed of Light
I'd outrun life's brevity
I'd fly or float or run or jump to some new planet, some new galaxy
Psychical thoughts
Can't seem to shut them off


It's a challenge of the Spirit and Might
To go inside to greet the Light
And once the morning ends the night
We'll run outside to greet the Light


Birds in their nests with their mothers
Prepare for their Maiden Departure
The day to leave home is approaching
To take flight and test their new armature

We must go now
And finally heed to the Calling
But risks are so terrifying
So we keep on stalling and stalling

I'll close my eyes and I'll take the first step
You're close behind, you're there when I misstep
We can try and try
We might as well try

I must go now
And finally heed to the Calling
But risks are so terrifying
So I keep on stalling and stalling


Our space is limited
It's getting crowded
The river has dried up
The air is looking clouded
Please come back, friends
We really messed up
Please come back, friends

We say "Don't you judge how we live
The Earth will always give and give
There is no end to her riches
We'll keep building streets and ditches"
Now those pigeons are all gone
Nevermore to block the sun
With their flapping wings of glory
Oh that death so strange and gory

JUMP IN (for Gilkey Elementary School)

If you never take the first step
You cannot go too far
I'm sure you know that
You strike me as a smart kid
And you've got big plans
And big dreams
And big big goals
So get a move on
Jump in

We're jumpin' in
It begins

And oooh I'm so impressed
'Cause you have done your best
And we will get so much done
Before this day is done

If we never take the first step
We cannot go too far
Let's get a move on
Jump in


One is for the money
And two are for the show
Knock three times I'll be ready
Stop by before you go (And it goes...)

Instead of dank dark night it's all light and warm hues
The nighttime puts on diff'rent clothes and she takes off her shoes
She looks so much nicer familiar and softer in December greens and blues
I can't imagine how we made it through those months of crushing gloom

I'll trade my nights at home and my title "Recluse"
Just to put on diff'rent clothes and to take off my shoes
It's so much nicer familiar and softer under lights of green and blue
I can't imagine how I made it through those months of crushing gloom


hollie said...

those words in new grace flow so amazingly well!
i haven't heard some of these songs, will i have to wait for the album to get them?

High Places said...

Thanks, Hollie. All these songs except New Grace appear on 03/07-09/07 on eMusic, and soon they will be available on CD from Thrill Jockey. All the songs originally appeared on 7", CD-R, or compilation CDs. New Grace is from a holiday compilation put out by Mistletone Records in Australia.

Holy Moly! said...

I love these songs even more now. Thank you!