18 December 2007

Lyrics to the four songs on our Myspace page.

"Day One of film shoot
L.A. sky- white with slight blue
Palm trees
More about the anticipation of something to come than just a nothingness or boredom"
Ooooh we could talk and talk about sitting together in silence
I haven't slept a wink in a week just thinking about sleeping

This is where I go to meet you
I'll crane my neck and close my eyes
The sun's too bright
You're far away

On a gloomy beach in the south of France
We will have the sand in our pockets for a long time
If we're quiet we can stay the night
It's okay it's all right it's okay it's all right, etc.

All night, all night
And what is it on a postcard
All night, all night
And what is it on a postcard

It only goes without saying that this includes shared islands, twilights, deserts, seas, the deer of Nara, some books, and engravings.

All along you were here despite your absence
Wrote a song to fill you in on what you're missin', Phil.
What went wrong?
It doesn't matter
The bronze ladder's almost done
We'll climb it later inside the magic crater.

When we sat on the floor
I was floored
I was floored
The words you spoke that night
They struck a chord
You struck a chord
And we talked about all kinds of things
Of dinosaurs and seagulls' wings
And where the ocean meets the forest
This is where we sing the chorus:
Ah-ha-ha-ha you're a pretty girl.

Last night I woke up startled from another falling dream
It was embedded in my memory from when my fam'ly lived in trees
And I've read a lot of books about the future of the sun
And how my great-great-great-great-grandfather might have been a monkey's son

There's a man down on the corner
With a weathered wrinkled face
He says that planet Earth is not his home
No he comes from Outer Space

And we're all full of questions
And we would like to know just exactly where we came from
And exactly where we'll go

Well I know my limitations
And I know that I don't know
But still I know the constellations and I know the falling snow.

Random Trivia:
"Shared Islands" is inspired by the John Berger book Here is Where We Meet and by a trip I took in May to John Berger's house in the French Alps. The opening quote is from a postcard from David Horvitz.
"Golden" was written in memory of my dear friend Phil Mayben and it mentions James Turrell's Roden Crater.
"Greeting the light" is inspired by a quote from James Turrell's grandmother about Quakerism. I gave James Turrell a copy of the song when I met him at the Manhattan Friends meeting house last winter.


Phil said...

See, I thought it "where the ocean meets the FLOrist." Like "floor"-ist. I thought that was pretty clever.

-pittsburgh's own phil johnson.

Anonymous said...

you forgot "sdupit ting".....

Anonymous said...

i lurv dis songs