04 February 2008


I just heard from a friend that Sean Finnegan, who played drums in Void passed away from a heart attack at age 43. Void is probably one of my favorite hardcore/punk and even dare I say rock bands of all time. They were from DC, on Dischord records, but seemed like they were from another planet musically than most of their contemporaries. At times it sounded like 4 bands playing at the same time. Beyond intense. They also seemed super mysterious.

I feel like there is this wierd and creepy side to punk and underground music, as well as the artworld, where people seem to pass away a lot prematurely. It often seems to be because of how many of us our living without health insurance (like me). I don't know Sean's status as far as coverage, but there is something really familiar and tragic about this. I don't know the circumstances of why his heart failed, but as I enter my second week of a wierd flu, I can't help but be a bit nervous.

I recently played a benefit for someone with cancer. I was shocked at the amount of smoking, particularly given the fact that the subject of the benefit was in attendance. I really don't need to get preachy here. You get my drift.

Anyway... Take care of yourselves.

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Joey said...

Relocate to Canada. Free health-care. All the doctors have headed South for more money, but what we have is free! Except hospital stays, ambulance rides, and getting your sponge baths to have a Happy Ending.