15 February 2008

Our merch. table has been a little skimpy (empty) lately, as we await the release of a split 7" with Xiu Xiu and the release of a single 7" that is due out on Upset the Rhythm in the UK. And yes, we are also working on our first full-length record, and we hope to have it available for purchase in Europe, Australia, and the States sometime this summer. Until that time, the rad people of eMusic (what's up to Yancey, the nicest nice guy ever) have created this thing called eMusic Selects to feature and support unsigned musicians like ourselves, and we feel really fortunate to be one of the first bands involved in this project. We've put together an "album" of 10 songs from 2007 that were released on 7", compilations, and various other obscure projects. You can download the album 03/07-09/07 here. And here is a q&a we did with Yancey a couple weeks ago about the project.
Thanks so much to everyone who came out to the show with No Age, Rings, and Skint at Market Hotel on Monday. I had a super fun time, and it was cool to see so many friends in one place! 2008!

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hollie said...

I'm really excited you're releasing a record through UTR.
Are you going to play in the UK soon?