20 February 2008

Let's take some time to think about the Year of the Rat.

A show is opening at the Guggenheim on Friday, featuring the work of Cai Guo-Qiang. It's one of the coolest shows I've ever seen. Here is a little teaser:

Some other things I'm into in 2008:
1. Papaya salad
2. Sunday morning routine of Friends meeting, followed by brunch, followed by used book shopping
3. The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran (esp. the parts about crime and punishment, death, the seasons, teaching)
4. After years of hating them, I am finally embracing the fun facts about Nantucket on the caps of Nantucket Nectars
5. Blaqstarr's "Shake It to the Ground" feat. Rye Rye
6. Baltimore
7. February
8. There are some great stamps to choose from at the post office right now. How do you decide between American Scientists, Lunar New Year, and the Pollination series?
9. I said I hated it at first, but Timbaland's rap in the MIA song "Come Around" is so bad it's amazing. It's so slow and I can't believe the teepee line. I can't stop listening to it!!
10. The New York Magazine crossword puzzle


GavinR said...
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GavinR said...

I hate that Timbaland track. I'm so glad MIA ended up not collaborating with him on a whole album. Paper Planes is awesome! Things I'm into in 2008:

1. Owning a hard copy of the High Places album.
2. Trying Papaya salad. Sounds nummy. (Is it spicy?)
3. Purchasing new Beach House album Devotion, and new Islands album Arm's Way.
4. Going to Canada for the first time.
5. Learning to play guitar.
6. Potentially being permanently employed.
7. More Buffy Season 8, and a new Joss Whedon tv series Dollhouse.
8. Getting a near complete season of LOST now that the strike has ended.
9. Collecting candy foil for some future purpose/finding uses for things I would otherwise throw away.
10. Finishing the Y: The Last Man Saga, and starting The Celluloid Closet.

The Effete Bomb said...

Hell Yes for Rats!! But I'm not so sure Come Around crosses into that level of bad that makes it funny.

wesley said...

"baby girl.
you and me.
need to go to yo teepee."

that shit is fire, son.

Anonymous said...

Fairly unrelated, but is the upcoming Vassar show open to the public? I feel the need to attend.

Jonathan said...

definitely going to hit that guggenheim show up, looks sweet

Emily said...

i am counting down to March 6, 2008 so I can send you a letter with a Gerti Cori or Edwin Hubble stamp. i knew you would love the series too! xo from SF

Sam said...

hey jake: yes, the vassar show is free and open to the public. please email novice.vassar @ gmail.com if you're coming so we can get you in.

Mary said...

Yes, team Rat! Leap year babies! 1984! George Orwell!
Papaya salad is a bit spicy. There's that awesome sweet chili sauce on it. Also watch The Scent of Green Papaya and you will want to eat it even more!!
Emily, we have the same taste in stamps!! And life!
The Guggenheim show is up through May. Apparently there is a room with water and a boat, and you can go for a ride in the boat! There are lots of other amazing things, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone.

GavinR said...

Green Papaya's in the Nflix queue. Can't wait for your full-length. Hope all is well!

Weller said...

amen to papaya salad being number one. i eat "som tam" at least twice a week. luckily it's only about $0.60 here in Thailand...