30 October 2007

"Mary plays the baz-oon and drives a Cadillac she calls Edgar."

We are working on a remix right now. Last night we recorded bassoon for it. I started to think about the last time I played bassoon and I got so depressed thinking about how long it's been (since I recorded "Green Tea at Denny's" for the Xiu Xiu polaroid book CD?? I don't even want to know how many months ago that was...Oh, you can get that book/CD here). I played bassoon religiously from sixth grade through college (I majored in bassoon performance). I always pictured my life centering around the instrument. My family would visit cities and point out the orchestral halls to me saying, "Maybe you will work there someday." I open up the newsletter for the musicians' union and I rarely see openings for bassoon positions, and most days I feel my decision to pursue other things was a wise one... But some days I'm not so sure and I feel a little heart broken about giving up.

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Robbie B. said...

You haven't given up. You just played a completely crazy bassoon part over a really crazy treated harp. And it works sooooo well. It may not be within orchestral system, but you are re-evaluating your skills and dreams is a really consistant and organic way. I was already blown away by what you were doing prior to HP, but between what you bring to the table with music and your visual art as well, your growth is of the charts. You inspire me more than you will ever know. And you make a mean hash brown. And a mean yakisoba. And your cookies.... well don't even get me started...MMMMM.