07 October 2007

Check Your Inbox/Silky Negs Tour!!! (Posted 1/20/07)

We just returned from the West Coast and from a dreamy, action-packed tour with our homies Yacht, Steve Schroeder, and Claire L. Evans.

Jona (Yacht) has posted daily videos (with highlights and lowlights, show footage, commentary, etc.) on his webzone.
The tour begins
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Check out The Fader's interview with Jona about the tour.

You can check out our photos, or go to the Check Your Inbox Tour flickr group to check out 109820982 photos of the tour.

High Places is now back in New York; writing and recording up a storm for a 2007 full-length release. We have a 7" on Ancient Almanac coming out any day now, we're contributing to a couple compilations, and a top-secret audio cassette/art project will be coming out later this winter. We're taking a brief hiatus from playing shows this month, but we'll be back in full effect in February and March with some shows with the amazing Marnie Stern (Have you heard her music yet?), Car Clutch, Best Fwends, BARR, Ecstatic Sunshine, Japanther, the Punks, etc.
We hope 2007 is treating you kindly,
Mary and Rob

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