27 January 2010


Sam Mildner said...

these photos are beautiful - i'm kind of in love with them :-D

I'm always attracted to photos that capture feelings through landscapes / objects, but these are great!

keep up the good work, I can't wait to hear some new material.


PS. I'm really wanting to use your song "From Stardust to Sentience" in a video project I'm working on; how would I go about okaying this with you? Obviously it's not for profit, and for private use, but I thought I'd better be courteous and ask first :-D hope to hear from you soon!

MARY said...

Heya Sam,

Thanks a lot. Hey, could you shoot us an email at our yahoo account? It's hellohighplaces @ yahoo . com


Anonymous said...

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Sam Mildner said...

Hey Mary!

I've sent you an email - hopefully you're happy with the piece I've outlined :-D

Either way I look forward to some more beautiful photos in the future :-D