28 September 2009

We miss you so much, Beau.

Last night as I was going to sleep I thought , this just goes on and on. Life that is. Like there are no defined starts and stops except for the big start and final stop.
so i cant really put off anything or there is no escape because it just keeps moving.
jump in the river..

i hope you are well Mary .
Tonight I go to see that heavy ass band The Bronx.
go nuts I feel. I have not gone nuts in a crowd for a long time.
i want to grow younger in my mind and spirit and let my body do what it will.

ok well I am going to keep moving now , so until next time,

xo Beau

Above photo from The Arm.

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Emily said...

don't really know what to say. his energy was contagious. glad you posted this note. so sad to hear this today! wish i could give you a hug.