31 May 2009


I keep watching this video over and over. We played.met.hung with Mostro in Santiago (they are from Los Andes though), and it blew me away. I wish this video could convey their volume and power. If you live in Chile, check them out.


dorie said...

dear rob,

i accidentally played the mostro and apolito.." videos at the same time and the results were actually really interesting. try it.

Anonymous said...


Videoclip of Mostro


saludos de Chile

horribleregistros.blogspot.com said...

thanxxxs for the good vibes
always at los andes with total respect to the animals and nature
write me
carlos reinoso

DrPanda97 said...

Do you know where I could find some of their music?

Robbie B. said...

I don't think they have a myspace, or I couldn't find one at least .

But this is the label that they have music on:

AND... even better... the comment right before you is from Carlos, who is the bearded man drumming in the video! So that is pretty direct, huh?

Hi Carlos!!