10 May 2009



alex said...

doggie! what beautiful photos

Gabriel Pinto said...

Stop eating!
Nice show around here. I had an awful week and you made me forget all the bad stuff :).

I write in Super 45 too.

I was dancing right at your side, with two friends. I had a yellow skirt, ha. By te way: NICE MOVES, ROB.

más te vale said...

hey there, great show, miss!!!
I was pretty impressed, yr s|t record was one of my faves last year, and played live it's ten times better. I currently use the storm at dj sets i do around the city,
please 'come back again, to here knows when'
cheers from santiago,
all the best,

melodrama-films said...

Ohhh, i feel so bad. I just realize that you were in Chile. I never knew that until a few minutes ago. I should saw the super 45 site. In may i was in another world. Bad for me, i hope you come again to Chile guys, please. The next one i will be there.

P.D.: Every foreign that visit Chile for the first time loves to photograph our beloved dogs. :p
I have a similar dog in my house. :p