03 March 2009

Killer cover! Deeeeep remix!

So our new London/Italy homie Banjo or Freakout did this SWEET cover of From Stardust... Honestly, our original version is structured so bonkers that I even have a hard time playing along with my own beat! So it is double crazy that he decided to do that song! And do it really in a completely smart and original way. His version is simply beautiful, and we are so so honored that he spent the time on it. Check it out here.

ALSO!!! Super super rad London homie number 2, Allez-Allez, did this total unreal dancefloor jammer remix of Head Spins. He actually made it a while ago, and I had been trying to figure out an organized way to compile things that people make such as remixes and covers and videos. Actually I think at the time we were going to have a proper website and we would've put it on there. BUT.... real websites are soooo 2004, right? So I am unfortunately only getting around to this now. Sorry Sam.... You are a total ruler!

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Anonymous said...

wow that cover is amazing!