10 January 2009

back in the day....

So I decided to look at the first mypace message we ever got. At this point, HP and NA were just little babies. We hadn't played a show yet, and actually hadn't really written any songs yet, and I think NA had maybe played twice.

As I re-read it, I got to thinking about how the last few years of weirdo music have been so unique, historically. There are so many more bands than ever before, and yet it feels so much more networked within a real global community than ever before. I really do feel like it is the most interesting time to be making music. Obviously the internet has changed a lot. But once you get past the internet, there really is so much amazing overlap between bands and genres. I don't know where I am going with this... When I was a kid in the 90's, "underground" music was super genre specific and touring was summed up by the payphone tone dialer, a modified Radio Shack device that emulated the sound of coins going into a payphone, tricking the phone into thinking it was getting paid, and therefore giving the caller free long distance! Then for truly over the top scammers, there was the more diabolical cell phone clone! Now, it all sounds like a lot of work, just to make illegal free long distance calls. Possibly more work than actually just working a job at Kinkos (who also got scammed beyond belief). I guess the "logic" was that long distance was very expensive and cell phones were only affordable by really rich people back then, so this is the sort of things that some bands went through to book tours. You know, stickin' it to the man!

Anyway... I just want to basically say thanks to all our friends! And all our future friends we haven't met yet. We love you! Keep on making/doing stuff forever!

Pardon the below censoring, but I don't want people getting crank called, another past-time involving the aforementioned devices.


DrPanda97 said...

Thanks for the update! I recently saw Soft Circle and he was greaaat. Sounds like this could be as sweet as your Xiu Xiu split.

Haha this is such a funny little insight to the beginnings of your bands.

Daniel said...

Lovely insight, Rob. Nice to meet you at your London Mt. Eerie date and Pure Groove instore. Good luck with new material! Can't wait to hear it.