05 December 2008

Tokyo, yo!

It is impossible to take a bad photo of Mary P.

Now, I totally love the dog friends, but seriously, I wish there were signs like this in the US. Like "curb your dog, doesn't get the point across nearly as well.

Everyone says eating vegan in Japan is "impossible". Well... to that I say BOO YAH!!! So far I have eaten some of the best tour meals ever on this trip. Nagi Shokudo

Like, how could you resist this dude and his cooking??

Thanks new friends!!


DrPanda97 said...

Ah man, it looks like an amazing time you guys are having.

Anonymous said...

The Dude on the 5th picture looks like Sof'Boy, a cartoon from Archer Prewitt from The Sea and Cake.

EFK said...

you beat me to it anonymous, it is Sof'Boy, cool find, those figures aren't made anymore.

GavinR said...

It's Sof' Boy in Japan!

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