16 December 2008



Clare said...

i love that dog!

Anonymous said...

cool show in basel! thank you!

josé luis báez said...

hey guys!
always nice photos.
i'm jose, the chilean guy who made a video of you in the zürich concert. if you are interested you can see it here


thanks again. you are super-cool!
by the way, can i add you as friends on myspace? i've just made me one with some music experiments i'm working on and would be an honor.
enjoy the holidays!


Katie said...

Great pictures- can't wait to see you. Merry Christmas sooster.
I am the sister of a celebrity!:)

michael said...

my little daughter and i love your music so much
do you know that Max Tundra and White Hinterland took your latest album in there top ten lists?
wish you a lucky new year