24 July 2008


You can see the tide approaching
Gravity just mocks your plight
The sky is filled with seagulls screeching
A cataclysmic rush of light

And once again you're frozen solid
Sitting on the sun-drenched shore
You know the waves are drawing closer
Yet you're transfixed despite the roar


In those eighteen years and nine months I've been living here
I always knew there'd come a day when I'd be leaving here
Yes I know every crevice
I've named them all
There were none too big
There were none too small
If you came to my home you would find me alone with my old dog in the courtyard

I'll buy a plot of land
One full of trees
Where I can practice taxonomy
Me and my old dog we are the same
We go to sleep and we dream of names
It's not a bad life
More like a game
For me and my old dog Namer of Names


The picture's clear but it's going black
And you're not always sure you are on the right track
You gave a little bit and they took a lot
Of your sense of self and your private thoughts

Oh how very strange
We cannot look away
And nothing you could say
Would ever make us go away

The picture's clear but it's going black
And your favorite song's still the hidden track
You gave a little bit and they took a lot
Of your quietude and your unsaid thoughts

The picture's clear but it's going black
When you're out at sea floating on your back
You gave a little bit and they took a lot
Of your precious time and your favorite spots


GavinR said...

You guys were awesome at Schubas, and I can't wait to see you live again supporting your full-length in the Fall. It was also very nice to meet you Mary, and to purchase your new releases. The new songs were a surprise and I was wondering what they might sound like. I was very pleased. Thanks for your part in a fantastic weekend of music, High Places. I was really impressed with The Ruby Suns live & Fleet Foxes, and DODOS also made me happy. Animal Collective has such a tight set I can't wait to see them again. What were some of your favorite acts? I saw you buddy-buddy with Bradford Cox from afar which was a memorable moment from the weekend. I love Atlas Sound.

Jerem said...

Your pitchfork show was a religious experience, thanks so much! We were really feeling it, it was my favorite show of the festival.

I did learn one thing from Pitchfork though, and that's that indie kids seem to be just another brand of consumer, on the whole they were very inconsiderate and unaware. All these jerks pushed ahead and stood in the front for your guys show - just waiting to see the band HEALTH (which upon hearing that band I understand why those type of people were attracted to their music) Anyways, I much prefer a festival with a bunch of hippies using psychedelics!

Looking forward to the new album!

DrPanda97 said...

Mmm, I just got your split with Xiu Xiu in the mail today, and it's great. And it's awesome that you just posted the lyrics to that song. I love reading along to the music. Ooh and it is white too. I always wondered when I'd get to hear this song, cause I never got that Esopus magazine.

You guys should come to Ohio again!

Anonymous said...

yo mad props for your montréal show...

was it the first time you visited québec ? hey we speak french and we're so close to the US... i love vermont and new york :) my twin sister is in brooklyn now :)

no age rocked, but you ...
I almost had the courage to come and talk to you when you when hanging out in front of the sala rossa... the no age guy was saying "we gotta get the fuck out of here man" LOL

on vous aime ! revenez à montréal !!! bises québécoises !