15 April 2008

Springtime babies have spring in their blood.
My mom said she felt in tune with nature when she had my brother and me.
I was born in a hospital in Hartford, CT with daffodils and flowering trees outside the room.

My favorite places in NYC this time of year
Sheep Meadow
the Japanese pond in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
the turtle pond in the backyard of Cafe 1980 in Williamsburg
Fort Greene Park, especially the farmer's market on Saturday mornings

Soundtrack for spring
Thank You - Terrible Two (out soon on Thrill Jockey, buy it!)

Movies for springtime
Shaolin Soccer
Life in the Undergrowth (looks best projected real big)

My sister Laura has an article in the new issue of ANP Quarterly. It is about the store Golden Age in Chicago. ANP is free at many locations.


Emily said...

I tried to post pictures here of the NY Japanese Pond @ the botanical garden, but I am stupid or something. Oh well, you know what it looks like. Just thought I'd take a trip down good ol' memory lane!

That was a lovely trip! I need to make a NY trip soon! Miss you!

High Places said...

I guess Cafe 1980 is no more. Wonder what they did with the turtles...

High Places said...

P.S. Miss you too, Emily! I took Esme to the botanic gardens the other day and she got really excited at the sight of dandelions.