07 March 2008


Wow. I have been thinking a bunch about last Friday's show, and I feel really great about it. When Todd told me of the last minute venue change (not to mention the weather), I figured that the much smaller Silent Barn would be a small group of "in the know" die-hards and friends. Well it ended up being super fun and mega-packed with lots homies and lots of new faces. I REALLY want to say thank you to everyone for respecting our wishes (and Mary's sore throat-addled vocal chords) and not smoking in the space. Who could've imagined a smoke free Silent Barn!?!? Mainly, thanks for attending and being super positive people, and being understanding about everything. Also thanks to the homies for playing with us.

See you soon!

This hill is definitely aware. Big Sur, from a couple weeks ago.
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GavinR said...

Come to Chicago!
Everyone enjoying Beach House Devotion?

Josiah said...

aahhh!!! no thank YOU! Im glad the show was moved to silent barn, huddling round lucky dragons seems like it wouldve been less special at market hotel (and I think it was even better @ SB than at the Park Ave Armory). I still cant get that snowy night outta my mind, a good winter memory, thnx fr making it happen.

hope yr makin lotsa friends in texas!