22 November 2007

Last night it was snowing here in Michigan as I drove to my parents' house from Kalamazoo. An 8 year old boy on my flight from NYC said he works in Manhattan telling jokes. He has $5025. The $25 was from his parents for his birthday. His little sister Ingrid had a suitcase shaped like Cinderella's carriage. She kept telling her brother that he should get a suitcase like hers.
My sister and I went to the local brewery/music venue here that is closing at the end of the week. Trains passed by the window as snow swirled around. We saw old friends from childhood and found out that everyone is married, teaching at our old high school, or having babies. Today is Thanksgiving and I am thankful for red cabbage, fake gravy and tofurkey.


Mac said...

do mean the Kraftbrau Haus is closing? that's terrible!

Anonymous said...

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