17 November 2007

If you have an hour and a half......

We strongly recommend the Peanut Butter Solution! As if childhood isn't jacked enough, we had films such as this to make us feel normal (?). Weird understated dialogue, totally sad lighting, creepy father daughter dynamic, a frightening pubic hair scene and a total WTF plot with digressions out the wazoo.
The Peanut Butter Solution (French title: OpĂ©ration beurre de pinottes) is a 1985 family film. The movie was directed by Michael Rubbo and is the 2nd in the Tales for All (Contes Pour Tous) series of children's movies created by Les Productions la FĂȘte.

Michael Baskin is an average 11-year old boy. One day, Michael and his friend Connie find an abandoned mansion. Michael looks in the window, has an extraordinary fright, and loses his hair as a result. After a few failed attempts to get hair on his head again, Michael finds out about a magical formula for hair growth, whose main ingredient is peanut butter. But this formula works so well that his hair grows too fast, and doesn't stop. The art teacher at Michael's school, simply called the Signor, frightens children with his presence and is eventually fired. The Signor eventually finds out about Michael's condition and kidnaps him (and many other neighborhood children) to make magic paint brushes from Michael's ever-growing hair. Soon, it's up to Michael's friends to find where he is and rescue him.

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the dreamship with the whale on it. said...

one of my friends sent me the link.
i can't believe that you found the entire movie to download! i seriously used to watch this movie on a regular basis but there was a trailer for the creepy toynightmare movie 'making contact' that referenced star wars and about 50o6976696 other 80s pop culture cliches---that would make me close my eyes til the peanut butter solution theme came on.
i remember attempting to make the solution with my brother because we wanted to make wigs for halloween costumes.