09 October 2007

Home body.

Robbie B.

Photos by Vice Cooler. HP at 21 Grand, Oakland CA: August 2007.

I think I accidentally consumed dairy products 4 times while we were on tour in the Midwest last week. The rest of the time I pretty much just ate Sun Chips and bagels and other empty carbohydrates (and some really good Chinese food in Oberlin, and waffles with tofu scramble inside them in Iowa City!!). Now that we're home, I am hooked on making yakisoba with napa, abura-age, daikon, garlic, and enoki mushrooms. Try it. You can't mess up. Probably.
Mary P.
I think I pointed out 65% of the deciduous trees along U.S. 80 in Pennsylvania to Rob. They were such pretty rainbow colors and I couldn't stop pointing at each one and telling Rob to look. Now we're home and I can't stop picking up the cats and making Rob look at how cute they are.


Mary said...

A guy at Sunrise Mart last night told me never to put daikon in yaki-soba. Oops. Maybe that's why it was so bitter.

Suganthi said...

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